Rims & Brake System

The Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto” impresses with its 3-piece forged CNC-machined concave rims. Our forged, CNC-machined alloy wheels are specially customized creations made from high-tech aerospace aluminum 6061 T6. Concave wheel rims are characterized by their distinctive design, the spokes lead inward to the center oblique to the rim.


Billet aluminum calipers with 4 or 6

pistons with specially adapted piston sizes
• Billet aluminum brake-disc chamber
with-floating 2-piece brake disc. The
2-piece brake disc enables a reduction
of the unsprung, rotating mass
and ensures a more rapid heat loss
• 2-part internally ventilated and slotted
brake discs with a diameter of
380 mm
• Stainless steel brake ducts made of
stainless steel and an inner Teflon
• Caliper mounting brackets from billet
aluminum, milled from a whole piece
• Ceramic high-performance brake
linings for various applications
Front axle: 6 piston caliper in conjunction with 380 x 32mm 2-piece brake disc

Rear axle: 4 piston caliper in conjunction with 380 x 29mm 2-piece brake disc




Sport tires Continental Sport Contact 5P

 Front:  10,0 x 21,0  with 265/30-21
Rear:   12,0 x 21,0  with 325/25-21


Advantages of the “Falcarto” braking system at a glance:

• excellent initial bite
• extraordinary adaptation
• more stable brake pedal
• less fading
• shorter brake path
• precise pedal feel
• effective friction

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