"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."

Visions - brought to the street

Halcón SuperSport GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, was founded by a team of enthusiastic and avid motor-sport entrepreneurs. The company‘s philosophy is based on the enormous commitment of all stakeholders in Germany and European cooperation partners. Due to its excellence and expertise, Halcón SuperSport brings a statement to the business segment of modern mobility to

Frankfurt am Main (Germany).


“Halcón SuperSport stands for anticipation that never ends.”


CEO, Rick T. Damm




Automotive Brand Contest 2016 – WINNER

Category “Exterior Premium Brand”


Our first project – the  “FALCARTO“, created by Halcón SuperSport’s Head of Design

Christopher Kranz, has been honored by the German Design Council with the distinguished

design award “Automotive Brand Contest 2016 - Winner “ in the category "Exterior Premium Brand".


The awards ceremony of the Automotive Brand Contest was held on 29th of  September 2016, the first media day of the Paris Motor Show.




Dynamic lines and bold powerful contours define the form of the Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto". Handmade and design optimized in Germany, each line is a masterpiece born from calculated thought, emphasizing the solid construction developed for the sporty, passionate and enthusiastic joy of driving. The Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto" delivers thrills and emotions at any speed.



The specific design and look of the Halcón SuperSport bodykit is a true feast for the eyes; it’s interpretation of form raises standards to the next level. By incorporating lightweight carbon fiber, the total body weight is reduced and the resulting optimized dynamics make for an excellent power to weight ratio. Visible carbon fiber elements accentuate the striking design.

ENGINE: 3.8 liter twin-turbo front-mid engine constructed out of aluminum with steel cylinder liners and highstrength H-Beam design rods.

The use of a technology in which the variable valve and valve range are constantly adjusted, enables instant and powerful response qualities, providing an optimal torque band. The stainless exhaust system has been designed to optimize for performance and weight distribution

Engine V6 aluminum-alloy

Charge/Boost pressure Bi-Turbo / 1,05 Bar

Position Longitudinally mid-mounted front

Valves 4 per cylinder

Displacement  3800 cm3

Bore/Stroke 95,5 x 88,4 mm

Compression 10 : 1

Power  700 hp (515 KW) / 6350 U/min

Power output 184 hp (135 KW) / Liter

Torque up to 800NM at 4860 U/min

Drive technology Rear wheel drive

Transmission Modified 6 gear manual

 (Synchro Rev)


 Modified 7 gear automatic

Manual transmission: Rear wheel 6-gear drive

1st gear 3.7949 / 2nd gear 2.3248 / 3rd gear 1.6246 /

4th gear 1.2718 / 5th gear 1.0000 / 6th gear 0.7949 /

reverse gear 3.4462 / axle ratio 3.5385

Automatic transmission: Rear wheel 7-gear drive

1st gear 4.924 / 2nd gear 3.194 / 3rd gear 2.043 /

4th gear 1.412 / 5th gear 1.000 / 6th gear 0.862 /

7th gear 0.771 / reverse gear 3.972 / axle ratio 3.357



Brakes front
6 pistons – 380 x 32 mm / int. ventilated / per-

forated – 2 piece disc

Brakes rear
4 pistons – 380 x 29 mm / int. ventilated / per-

 forated – 2 piece disc

Brakedisk material Stainless steel  (ceramic optional)

Wheelsize (front-rear) 10.0 x 21.0  //  12.0 x 21.0

Tiresize (front-rear) 265/30-21  //  325/25-21

Tire manufacturer Continental Sport Contact 5P

Curb weight 1590 kg

Power/weight ratio 1 hp per 2,27 kg

Tank volume 72 Liters

Cargo volume 240 Liters



TECHNICAL Specifications





depending on option between

640 and ≈ 720 hp



depending on the option

between 440 and ≈ 770 nm


Vehicle weight:

depending on the option

1510 kg to 1600 kg


Power/weight ratio:

depending on the option

≈ 3,59 kg - ≈ 2,50 kg /hp


0-100 km/h or 0-62 mph:

depending on the option

≈ 3.8 to 5 sec


Top speed:

depending on the option

and gear ratio from

285 - ≈ 320 km/h or

187 - ≈198 mph


Billet aluminum calipers with 4 or 6

pistons with specially adapted piston sizes

• Billet aluminum brake-disc chamber

with-floating 2-piece brake disc. The

2-piece brake disc enables a reduction

 of the unsprung, rotating mass

and ensures a more rapid heat loss

• 2-part internally ventilated and slotted

brake discs with a diameter of

380 mm

• Stainless steel brake ducts made of

stainless steel and an inner Teflon


• Caliper mounting brackets from billet

aluminum, milled from a whole piece

• Ceramic high-performance brake

linings for various applications


Front axle: 6 piston caliper in conjunction with 380 x 32mm 2-piece brake disc

Rear axle: 4 piston caliper in conjunction with 380 x 29mm 2-piece brake disc





The Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto" impresses with its 3-piece forged CNC-machined concave rims. Our forged, CNC-machined alloy wheels are specially customized creations made from high-tech aerospace aluminum 6061 T6. Concave wheel rims are characterized by their distinctive design, the spokes lead inward to the center oblique to the rim.




Sport tires Continental Sport Contact 5P


Front:  10,0 x 21,0  with 265/30-21

Rear:   12,0 x 21,0  with 325/25-21



Advantages of the "Falcarto" braking system at a glance:

• excellent initial bite

• extraordinary adaptation

• more stable brake pedal

• less fading

• shorter brake path

• precise pedal feel

• effective friction





The interior, including the instrument panel, is elegantly lined with high-quality, carefully selected leather and Alcantara in various colour combinations. The distinct design pattern on the Halcón seats can be found again on the door panels and the leg room area. A cutting-edge hi-fi / navigation / infotainment system with superior high-end sound quality, driving assistance, internet connection, movie playback, ASTEROID Market app, smart voice recognition function, connectivity to IOS based devices offers the best for entertainment and communication. Additional fittings include an adjustable multifunction steering wheel, electrically controlled and heated side mirrors, power windows as well as ergonomic, electrically adjustable high-end sport seats in Halcón custom design. In addition, the car is equipped with a central locking system with a "Keyless Go" remote exclusively created for Halcón SuperSport.





An Introduction of Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto"



Choose your personal color statement in order to perfect the experience



Choose your personal colour statement to perfect your own Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto".


• Dream in “Stream White”

• Go edgy in “Berrymania Red”

• Accelerate in “Manganite Silver”

• Impress in “Bronzite Brown” or

• Cruise in “Stratosite Blue”


Each colour compliments the lines and contours individually and delivers your own personal signature for your unique piece of art. Other color-options possible!





Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort


With the "Falcarto" you not only get installed coilovers but a lowering sports suspension with excellent drivability on all roads as well. Based on our technical suppliers many years of motor sport experience, all aspects of the vehicle dynamics have been adapted, improved and precisely tailored for the "Falcarto".


Cutting-edge technology from motor racing


Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort.

Separate damping force adjustment for rebound and compression.

Cutting-edge technology from motor racing

With the "Falcarto" you not only get installed coilovers but a lowering sports suspension with excellent drivability on all roads as well. Based on our technical supplier's many years of motor sport experience, all aspects of the vehicle dynamics have been adapted, improved and precisely tailored for the "Falcarto".


• Independently adjustable damping

technology for rebound and compression

• Stainless steel technology

• Individual, infinitely adjustable lowering

• TUV-tested lowering range

• Long lasting quality components

• Adjustable rebound damping in 16

precise clicks

• 12-way adjustable compression

damping with click adjustment

• Unique, independently functioning

damping power adjustment




Halcón supersport GOES "E"



As an innovative step in the development  and the strategic direction of the brand, the team of Halcón SuperSport is looking deep into E-Mobility!


More information to be announced.


Halcón SuperSport thinks GREEN

Grace One.15

The new benchmark.

The Grace ONE.15, with stunning technology and perfect design, moves up a level to a new dimension of riding pleasure: purism in perfection. Powered by a performance that sets new standards for an E-bike and gets the adrenaline pumping.

Transmission complete.

The power you want, with simple activation via RFID card and a rotation of the throttle handle. Low-maintenance components such as the Pinion 9-speed transmission and the Gates Carbon Drive make the Grace ONE a steadfast companion in every life situation. No other E-bike combines technical progress with so much power, range, and so many moments of happiness.

No other e-bike combines technical progress with so much power, reach and lucky moments.





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Born from ingenuity and personal inspiration,

Halcón SuperSport is a small,creative company with it´s registered

Headquarter in Frankfurt am Main,Germany - aiming to be a remarkable company in the mobility-design, -refinement & -prototyping industry.

We truly live, think and work “German”.

Research and Development (R&D) are at highest German quality control standards.

Design with a special “Halcón”- touch  -- “Made in Germany”

Owned and managed by dynamic professionals in the automotive and design industry.

A team that can enable and visualize almost everything.

“Winner-Exterior Design” Premium Brands – Automotive Brand Contest 2016


Design and individuality in perfection.


Born to pacify your desire

tHE Halcón supersport FALCARTO






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