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The Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto” delivers thrills and emotions at any speed.

Halcón SuperSport

It still exists: Childhood car dreams, nurtured and cultivated until they become reality. Born from ingenuity and personal inspiration, Halcón SuperSport is a small, creative company from Frankfurt am Main, Germany aiming to be the leading design & prototype manufacture in the world. This goal was instantly proven, when the uniqueness of the design
of Halcón SuperSport’s first prototype was awarded with “Winner – Exterior Design” Premium Brands – Automotive Brand Contest 2016 – of the German Design Council. Hereafter, it was presented as a design icon by special invitation to the Essen Motor Show and the Dubai International Motorshow.


Dynamic lines and bold powerful contours define the form of the Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto”. Handmade and design optimized in Germany, each line is a masterpiece born from calculated thought, emphasizing the solid construction developed for the sporty, passionate and enthusiastic joy of driving. The Halcón SuperSport “Falcarto” delivers thrills and emotions at any speed.


The specific design and look of the Halcón SuperSport bodykit is a true feast for the eyes; it’s interpretation of form raises standards to the next level. By incorporating lightweight carbon fiber, the total body weight is reduced and the resulting optimized dynamics make for an excellent power to weight ratio. Visible carbon fiber elements accentuate the striking design.



Automotive Brand Contest
2016 – WINNER

Category “Exterior Premium Brand”

Our first project – the  “FALCARTO“, created by Halcón SuperSport’s Head of Design Christopher Kranz, has been honored by the German Design Council with the distinguished design award “Automotive Brand Contest 2016 – Winner “ in the category “Exterior Premium Brand”.

The awards ceremony of the Automotive Brand Contest was held on 29th of September 2016, the first media day of the Paris Motor Show.

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